The primary objective is for people to see the film.

Success is not contingent upon making a profit, but more so with encouraging viewers to engage with our respective ministries and sponsoring organization.

We are open to receiving a proposal from a second-party distributor, but our current plan is to…

Leverage our diverse personal and organizational networks

Contract a publicist to secure interviews and reviews in Christian and mainstream media outlets

Submit the movie to film festivals

Provide a complimentary link to the film for students who want to host a screening of the film at their college/campus ministry

Maintain active social media presence on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

Garner endorsements from respected religious, political, and social influencers

Partner with churches, campus and ministry organizations who want to host screenings (possibly at their local movie theater or performing arts  center) with the option of including a talkback or reception with the executive producers and/or lead characters in the film.

Social media and print advertising

Release the film on Video On Demand (VOD) portals and submit proposal to NetFlix for their consideration