“If there is one film you’re going to watch to understand
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, HOPE IN THE HOLY LAND is it!”

Col. Richard Kemp, Former Chief of Command of British forces in Afghanistan


Created & Produced by Todd Morehead and Justin Kron
Directed & Edited by Jesse Schluntz
Presented by the Philos Project

USA, 2021

Genre: Documentary
Language: English (Subtitles available on DVD/Blu-ray: Arabic, Hebrew, Mandarin, and Spanish)
Runtime: 1 hour 51 minutes

Released: May 14, 2021 (73rd Anniversary of Israel’s Independence and the Palestinian Naqba)

Available On Demand: AppleTV, Christian Cinema, Google Play, Prime Video, SalemNow, Vimeo On Demand, VUDU & YouTube.
Streaming On: IZZY

DVD & Blu-ray available at the Hope in the Holy Land store


HOPE IN THE HOLY LAND captures the story of Todd Morehead, an American Christian with a deep love for Israel who sets off on a journey across the Holy Land to confront his indifference toward the Palestinians and to search for the deeper truths behind one of the most perplexing and polarizing conflicts in the world. Along the way, he discovers the painful struggles of Jews, Muslims and Christians on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide. The result is an enlightening journey that exposes viewers to perspectives rarely seen in the media, and a challenge to a man’s heart to love his enemy. 



Ahmad Juha
Owner of Juha’s Guesthouse, Jisr al- Zarqa
Ahmed Meligy
Egyptian Peace Activist
Avi Zimmerman
Executive Director of American Friends of Ariel (AFA)
Bishop Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer
Senior Pastor, Central Fellowship Bible Church, Inglewood, CA, Presiding Bishop over Macedonia International Bible Fellowship
Brian Schrauger
Editor-in-Chief of The Jerusalem Journal and its primary publication, ChaimReport
Calev Myers
President and Executive Chairman of ARISE (Alliance to Reinforce Israel’s Security and Economy), Chairman of the Anti-BDS Commission of the Israel Association of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce
Col. (Ret.) Dr. Dany Tirza
Israel Security Barrier Architect, Senior researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public and State Affairs
Col. (Ret.) Miri Eisen
Served for more than 20 years in the Israeli military intelligence community, and spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister from the 2nd Lebanon War until the end of 2007.
Dr. Gerald R. McDermott
Anglican Priest & Theologian. Retired in 2020 after serving five years as the Anglican Chair of Divinity at Samford’s Beeson Divinity School, Author of Israel Matters
Dr. Mohammed Dajani
Founder of the Wasatia movement of moderate Islam and previously worked as a professor of political science at al-Quds University in Jerusalem
Gedaliah Blum
Resident of Eli, Co-founder of Bikurim, a project of Return O’ Israel
Hiba Allati
Resident of Bethlehem, Christmas Lutheran Church
Mark Halawa
Resident of Jerusalem, born and raised in Kuwait to a Palestinian Muslim family
Oksana Dyatlova
Survivor of 2001 Dolphinarium Discotheque Massacre
The identity of several Palestinians were protected for security and personal reasons
Ronen Bergman
Contributing Writer for The New York Times, Author of Rise and Kill First (2019)
Sami Awad
Founder and Program Director, Holy Land Trust
Shadi Khalloul
Spokesperson for the Christian Israeli Defense Forces, Chairman and Founder of the Israeli Christian Aramaic Association
Todd Morehead
Director and Co-Producer of Promised Land: Israel Through the Eyes of Surfers
Yishai Fleisher
International Spokesman for the Jewish community of Hebron, Broadcaster, Writer